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Be the first to know! Introducing real time results

by Sophia Casas July 3, 2013. Category: Tools. Tagged , . 1 Comment

We’re excited to announce that our search results now include ads that were just published minutes ago. At Trovit, we’re obsessed with building the best search engine possible, and we believe a big part of that is offering results that are fresh. We want to help you be the first to know about new real estate listings, used cars or job opportunities, so you can also be the first to contact the seller or apply for the job!

real time
If you’d like to see real time indexing in action, try these searches and order by date (most recent first):

Property for sale in London
Used Hondas in Canada
Sales Jobs in the US

Remember, you heard about it on Trovit first!

One Response to Be the first to know! Introducing real time results

  1. Paul Wallace says:

    This is a very handy addition! Great thinking guys

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