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Trovit’s a Great Place to Work!

by Sophia Casas April 26, 2012. Category: Trovit. Tagged . Leave a comment

On Tuesday, Great Place to Work® Institute published their list of the 50 best workplaces in Spain, and once again Trovit is on it! The list of best workplaces is made up by combining anonymous employee surveys with an external … Continue reading

Search for jobs- wherever you are!

by Sophia Casas April 10, 2012. Category: Tools. Tagged , . Leave a comment

We’re proud to announce the launch of our new Android app: Trovit Jobs! This application brings the Trovit web experience to your smartphone, allowing you to search by keyword, by location and apply filters to your search. Additional features include … Continue reading

Trovit launches in five new countries

by Sophia Casas March 20, 2012. Category: Countries. Tagged , , , , , . Leave a comment

This week, Trovit’s search engine is live to users in five new countries: Indonesia, Morocco, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates and Ukraine. So, Trovit’s now available in 38 countries- and in thirteen languages with the addition of Bahasa (which you … Continue reading

Share interesting Trovit ads on Pinterest!

by Sophia Casas February 27, 2012. Category: Tools. Tagged , . Leave a comment

Are you house-hunting or looking for your dream car? Do you like the look of a particular reading nook? Have your sights set on the perfect red convertible? You can now share ads that catch your eye on Pinterest, via … Continue reading

2011 at Trovit, in numbers

by Sophia Casas December 30, 2011. Category: Trovit. Tagged . Leave a comment

It’s been a very busy year at Trovit! Here’s a quick round-up of everything that’s happened in the last 12 months, in numbers: 1 redesign: this year, Trovit’s look has changed radically 13 new countries: Belgique, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Malaysia, … Continue reading

Trovit Homes iOS app, version 2.0

by Sophia Casas November 23, 2011. Category: Tools, Trovit. Tagged , , . 1 Comment

We’ve rebuilt our property search iOS app from scratch! It’s now available in 33 countries and 12 different languages. Here are some key features: Improved map search: move around as much as you want, available properties load automatically. Includes all … Continue reading

Trovit rolls out its new look!

by Sophia Casas November 10, 2011. Category: Tools, Trovit. Tagged . 1 Comment

Trovit’s goal is to have all the ads in a market so users can quickly find what they need. Thanks to our technology-based approach, we are now present in over 30 countries, with more than 100 million ads. But, in … Continue reading

Trovit5 video recap

by Sophia Casas November 7, 2011. Category: Trovit. Tagged . Leave a comment

We recently celebrated Trovit’s fifth birthday. We held a party at MACBA here in Barcelona, and it was a ton of fun! See some of the highlights in this brief recap video: Stay tuned for exciting news in the days … Continue reading

5 years of Trovit

by Sophia Casas October 11, 2011. Category: Trovit. Tagged . 3 Comments

5 years ago, while searching for a flat, one of our founders realized there was probably a better way to go about it than searching on several different sites. Trovit Homes was born, with Jobs and Cars appearing soon after. … Continue reading

LinkedIn-based search

by Sophia Casas August 9, 2011. Category: Tools. Tagged , , , . 1 Comment

If you’re a hardcore myTrovit user, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve added a new functionality: connecting your myTrovit account with LinkedIn. This allows you to create new email alerts based on keywords from your LinkedIn profile with just a couple … Continue reading