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Search for jobs- wherever you are!

by Sophia Casas April 10, 2012. Category: Tools. Tagged , . Leave a comment

We’re proud to announce the launch of our new Android app: Trovit Jobs! This application brings the Trovit web experience to your smartphone, allowing you to search by keyword, by location and apply filters to your search. Additional features include … Continue reading

Trovit launches in five new countries

by Sophia Casas March 20, 2012. Category: Countries. Tagged , , , , , . Leave a comment

This week, Trovit’s search engine is live to users in five new countries: Indonesia, Morocco, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates and Ukraine. So, Trovit’s now available in 38 countries- and in thirteen languages with the addition of Bahasa (which you … Continue reading

Share interesting Trovit ads on Pinterest!

by Sophia Casas February 27, 2012. Category: Tools. Tagged , . Leave a comment

Are you house-hunting or looking for your dream car? Do you like the look of a particular reading nook? Have your sights set on the perfect red convertible? You can now share ads that catch your eye on Pinterest, via … Continue reading

2011 at Trovit, in numbers

by Sophia Casas December 30, 2011. Category: Trovit. Tagged . Leave a comment

It’s been a very busy year at Trovit! Here’s a quick round-up of everything that’s happened in the last 12 months, in numbers: 1 redesign: this year, Trovit’s look has changed radically 13 new countries: Belgique, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Malaysia, … Continue reading

Trovit Homes iOS app, version 2.0

by Sophia Casas November 23, 2011. Category: Tools, Trovit. Tagged , , . 1 Comment

We’ve rebuilt our property search iOS app from scratch! It’s now available in 33 countries and 12 different languages. Here are some key features: Improved map search: move around as much as you want, available properties load automatically. Includes all … Continue reading

Trovit rolls out its new look!

by Sophia Casas November 10, 2011. Category: Tools, Trovit. Tagged . 1 Comment

Trovit’s goal is to have all the ads in a market so users can quickly find what they need. Thanks to our technology-based approach, we are now present in over 30 countries, with more than 100 million ads. But, in … Continue reading

Trovit5 video recap

by Sophia Casas November 7, 2011. Category: Trovit. Tagged . Leave a comment

We recently celebrated Trovit’s fifth birthday. We held a party at MACBA here in Barcelona, and it was a ton of fun! See some of the highlights in this brief recap video: Stay tuned for exciting news in the days … Continue reading

5 years of Trovit

by Sophia Casas October 11, 2011. Category: Trovit. Tagged . 3 Comments

5 years ago, while searching for a flat, one of our founders realized there was probably a better way to go about it than searching on several different sites. Trovit Homes was born, with Jobs and Cars appearing soon after. … Continue reading

LinkedIn-based search

by Sophia Casas August 9, 2011. Category: Tools. Tagged , , , . 1 Comment

If you’re a hardcore myTrovit user, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve added a new functionality: connecting your myTrovit account with LinkedIn. This allows you to create new email alerts based on keywords from your LinkedIn profile with just a couple … Continue reading

Summer at Trovit

by Sophia Casas July 19, 2011. Category: Countries, Trovit. Tagged , , . Leave a comment

It’s always busy at Trovit, even during the summer! Here’s a quick roundup of our latest news: With the recent launches of Trovit Perú, Trovit Philippines, Trovit Russia, Trovit South Africa, Trovit Turkey and Trovit Venezuela, we’re present in 27 … Continue reading